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Swarnibi Foundation is premier institute for providing Education, Training and Consulting services to develop skills and knowledge base manpower in the fields at Industrial, Urban and Rural Sectors. We have a team of highly qualified Scientists, Engineers and Technologists having wide and versatile experience in the field of Water, Energy and Environment at National and International Level. Swarnibi Foundation provides solutions leading to sustainable environmental practices and the welfare of society and its surroundings. Since the beginning, Swarnibi has ventured to grow ahead its skilled and efficient manpower, strong technical processes, innovative solutions and focus on client satisfaction with a difference in quality and time. We are dedicated to provide training, consulting, organisation of seminar and workshop to develop skills, raise awareness and knowledge build up for the enhancement of society, industry and mankind. Our employees are our strength. By crossing various socio-economic barriers, we have successfully completed various assignments. Swarnibi Values and Ethics have motivated us to deliver high quality output for continuously improve our services.


Our Activities


Impact Analysis

Due Diligence

Planning, Implementation and Monitoring the project

Our Services


Currently, industry is undergoing a paradigm shift in outsourcing environmental services, which are often viewed as non-essential.
We understand and appreciate environmental functions as critical – regulatory non-compliance can result in expensive mitigation and loss of safety culture usually transforms to major disasters.
We provide on-demand support for important HSE functions and even train other contractors on specific core functions.

Additional Service – Man Power Support

Swarnibi has capabilities and expertise to provide specialist human resources to government and non-government organisations in India and abroad to run their activities in environment and sustainability sector.

Advisory Services

Our experience and expertise is in advisory services. We have provided various advisory services to key government bodies and also other non-government organisations in the fields of environment & sustainability.


CSR is the new field that we are venturing into. We provide END to END support in CSR projects. We are having extensive experienced team members who have handled several CSR projects efficiently.

GIS Related works

Providing the quality services regarding the digital data conversion, attribute generation, database management in GIS, data analysis etc.

Team Member 


Swarnabha Bandyopadhyay

Dr. Aniruddha Dey

Dr. Biplab Ketan Paul


Nivedita Bandyopadhyay

Trupati Jain

Snigdha De

Prof. Sk. Tahidul Islam (Director – IRS – Jahangir Nagar University, Dhaka)

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